How to Choose a Catering Service Provider

When planning an event which requires catering services, you need to make sure the catering service providers that you choose have outstanding menu options and a high level of service. When looking for catering services, start the search as early as possible so that you do not feel pressured to settle with a company whose services are not the best. There are many catering companies, so how can you determine the best for your event?

* Budget – Talk to the Chicago catering service providers about your budget and request them to send you a menu matching your budget. Compare four or five quotes and choose the one with more all-inclusive options. Ask about tax and any other charges that you may incur besides the charge for food. On top of the menu, ask whether the service providers offer tableware and linens.

* Availability – When looking for a catering service, you must have the event’s date with you. Whichever Chicago catering company you choose must be available on that day. Confirm that you are comfortable with their booking and payment method. Some venues have a list of caterers that they can recommend so do not hesitate to talk to them. Their list can serve as a good starting point for the search.

* Quality of food – Here, you need to look at the presentation and the sensational taste of the food. Since you can only get the taste of food by tasting, ask for a tasting session. It will give you peace of mind if you make sure they have experienced and professional serving staff so ask about their staff.

Good catering services leave a lasting impression about an event. People like sharing meals and this is especially true if the food is well cooked and presented. Food For Thought staff are expert in making sure your guests enjoy mouth-watering meals and excellent service.

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