Efficient Jarritos Distributors in New Jersey

American consumers take their sodas seriously. All mainstream groceries and supermarkets nationwide carry a wide array of sodas from local to international brands. While there are many choices to pick from, one imported brand that rose to the top of the must-buy list is the famous Mexican soda brand, Jarritos. The Jarritos brand is available in most American states, including the East Coast, with large supermarket chains thanks to the efficient jarritos distributors in New Jersey.

The history of the Jarritos brand started when its founder, Don Francisco Hill, made a bold move to sell carbonated coffee drinks in the 1950s. The market, however, was not yet ready for a fizzy wake-me-up type of coffee drink so Hill was forced to think of other flavors to bottle. Since he thought out of the box, he decided to extract tamarind essence and turn it into a soda pop. It became an instant hit and the rest was history. Currently with 10 flavors and a sparkling water variety, its popularity eased its way to the United States, slowly winning the hearts of not only the Latino community but also the non-Latino population.

It is easy to spot this colorful soda variety in supermarkets. These glass-bottled soda pops are usually placed either in the international section or the soda aisle in groceries. Unlike the 2-liter packaging of the brand’s competitors, Jarritos is packaged in 370-ml clear glass bottles that are good for one serving. While some supermarket chains only carry a couple of famous Jarritos soda flavors like fruit punch, orange, and strawberry, other Mexican supermarkets sell all ten flavors as supplied by the exclusive Jarritos Distributors in New Jersey. Now, soda lovers in New Jersey can taste exotic soda flavors like tamarind and guava.

The rise of Jarritos in the East Coast can be attributed to the professional Jarritos distributor in New Jersey, Best Mexican Foods. Now, small and large stores can carry and sell the Jarritos brand through this Mexican products distributor. Click Here to learn more about the various flavors of Jarritos soda and the other Mexican products distributed by Best Mexican Foods.

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