Bed and Breakfast: A Homely Place to Lodge At

Bed and BreakfastThe concept of bed and breakfast is getting popular day by day. These are the services that offer overnight staying and breakfast. Generally it does not have provision for lunch. Basically they are privately owned with its owner living in the same home, making sure of the comfort of the customers. The host can also guide you about the city if it has attractions, restaurants, tourist places to visit.

The bed and breakfast industry has developed a lot over the last few years. Alone Canada has about 9000 bed and breakfasts. The information about the bed and breakfast is available on internet. Tourism sites also promote such accommodations. Many countries have moved towards accepting the concept.

After making a choice of the bed and breakfast, comes the next step of booking it online. In case of hotels, it is important to cancel booking several days in advance but same is not the case with bed and breakfasts. Bookings can be canceled easily.

These privately owned pseudo-hotels are supposed to take care of the complete comfort of the guests coming to live in. It is important to make sure that the people around do not create nuisance or make noise that might irritate the guest.

The B&B (Bed and Breakfast) arrangement dates back to 20th century when travelers preferred to stay at a private house instead of a hotel or lodge.

Though these are under the private ownership yet certain rules and regulations are applied on them by the government. A bed and breakfast hub must have fire resistance, sufficient fire escape and smoke detectors in each guest room.

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