Where to Find Authentic Gourmet Pizzas in Weston- and What is There

Weston, FL has evolved from a quiet little Florida suburb to a substantial tourist stop. This authentic little village is a nice place to visit for the afternoon, as it offers some quaint eating, some Old Florida architecture, and adorable museums. When visiting Weston, where is the pizza? It is a fair question. Anyone can find a fast food pizza chain anywhere, but how about the good Italian eating?

Perhaps the best pizza eating in the town is Tarantella Ristorante & Pizzeria. It has at least nine major pizza selections available, all at a tier far above any typical pizza eatery. Fine Gourmet Pizzas in Weston come with the territory. So what can be found?

Real Italian Pizza

Italian pizza is delicate, light, and focused on freshness. Visitors can go out of their way to find some gourmet and real Italian pizza. The menu reflects this authenticity. Find a wide number of innovative options, such as the Capricciosa. It is coated in thick ham, mushrooms & artichokes. Make sure to give some attention to the Salsiccia Siciliana. It is a Margherita-styled pizza, coated in roasted eggplant, Italian sausage, and sautéed onions.

The Arugula E Prosciutto is iconic and pure Italian. Visitors can’t go wrong with delicious spoonfuls of fresh arugula and aged prosciutto laid over thick mozzarella. These are just a few of the delightful Gourmet Pizzas in Weston options available at the eatery. Be sure to review the full menu, including calzones and pasta.


Just like any classic Italian eatery, the Tarantella Pizzeria offers a delectable mix of hot and cold antipasti. The most popular is likely the fried calamari hot antipasto. It is covered in a lemon & marinara sauce drizzle.

The seafood salad combines shrimp, clams, mussels, and calamari with celery and onions for some added texture. The classic caprice coats its salad in mozzarella and juicy sliced tomatoes. A drizzled extra virgin olive oil and aged prosciutto add those extra-loved layers of richness. There’s so much to love in Weston. Don’t miss out on some of the finest pizza eating in Florida. Pizza, salads hot and cold, and more make up the acclaimed local menu. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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