Getting the Right Types of Wholesale Tortillas in New York City

Tortillas are a staple of Mexican cuisine and have been enjoyed in that area for many hundreds of years. Restaurants that wish to stand out with their own Mexican food therefore have to do everything possible to provide fresh, delicious tortillas that patrons will appreciate.

Providers of wholesale tortillas in New York City make it simple to acquire whatever might be needed without being forced to devote overly much to making the products in house. Understanding the various options is all that it takes to be sure of enabling memorable experiences for diners.

Two Basic Types of Tortillas and Hundreds of Individual Variations

In practice, there are two broad families of tortillas to recognize, each with its own variations. These two general groups and some of the most common riffs on each are:

  • Corn tortillas
  • : When fresh corn is combined with a basic substance like lye, proteins and amino acids within it are broken down into more nutritionally accessible forms. The flavor of the treated grain is also modified in a distinctive way, and a dough called masa that is formed by grinding it is used to make corn tortillas of many different kinds. From the tortillas the size of silver dollars that are commonly used to make tacos in Mexico City to much larger ones more suitable for quesadillas, there are many different common widths and thicknesses.
  • Wheat flour tortillas
  • : In the northern part of today’s Mexico, the few people living there before the arrival of the Spanish rarely grew corn. Spanish missionaries introduced wheat to the region beginning in the seventeenth century, and tortillas based on flour made from that grain were not far behind. Tortillas made from wheat flour typically incorporate a fat such lard or vegetable oil and can be found in variations ranging from palm-sized and thick to paper-thin ones that are as wide as the arms of the people who make them.

Getting the Right Type of Tortillas is Never an Issue

Sellers of wholesale tortillas in New York City do an excellent job of enabling access to top quality products covering this entire range of options. Browse our website and it will become clear that acquiring a supply of tortillas worthy of a restaurant’s menu should always be easy to do.

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