Benefits of planning your wedding and reception at a hotel

If you’re planning a wedding in the Orange County area, you’re likely looking at venues and guest lodgings in the area. To make things simpler, why not book your hotel in Orange County for your guests, while having your entire ceremony and reception there too? There are several benefits to this:

  • Convenient for your guests: If you are going to have guests from out of town, they will need a place to stay. Chances are, they won’t be too familiar with the area and they may not be comfortable renting a car. Having the ceremony and reception at the same venue that they’ll be staying creates a stress-free environment for your guests, so that they can enjoy themselves more fully. Your guests just have a short elevator ride to their room at the end of the night, so there are no worries about drinking and driving.

  • Choose from a trusted vendor list: If you choose a reputable hotel to have your wedding and reception in, they will have a list of vendors to make your wedding perfect. This includes DJ, florist, cake supplier, etc. They will also likely be able to help with catering and bartending.

  • Package deals and discounted rooms: Depending on how many rooms you’ll need for your guests, you may be able to get a discounted rate. Many hotels also offer wedding packages so you won’t pay full price for your own room.

  • Stress-free wedding: Planning a wedding can be a stressful and overwhelming experience, especially for the bride. When you book a hotel for both your guests and for the ceremony/reception, you will be able to streamline the planning process.

A hotel in Orange County can be the ideal solution for your wedding, while still keeping within your budget. Make sure that whichever hotel you choose, you get everything in writing, and read the contract carefully.

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