Economical not Cheap should be the norm

cheap hotelsWhen we generally think of a tour itinerary, we tend to factor in the costs of air travel, surface transport, food, sightseeing, etc. However, what deters most of us from travelling is not the delays in getting visas processed but it could be because of an innate lack of knowledge of the existence of cheap or budget hotels.

What then are cheap hotels? A hotel that offers rooms for a throwaway price even in high or shoulder seasons is normally defined as budget or cheap hotels. Although price could be an advantage or the USP, one may not get the kind of dedicated or ever smiling service that they may come to expect. The reason can be that concept of the vicious circle of poverty that is taught in economics; where because of the low rates, the staff is paid accordingly. That leads to low level of satisfaction amongst the staff and that in turn leads to low service levels.

However, the other side of the coin could be that since it is a unique concept of having a hotel that is not punishing to your wallets, the cheap hotels can give extra service to their guests and can expect to be paid handsomely in the form of tips, which can act as a confidence booster.

In many hotels that have downgraded over the years, another trend that has taken roots is that different operations of the same hotel are outsourced individually and they operate as a cohesive unit. So, the room service is looked after by a separate entity and the coffee shop and restaurant is handled by a separate firm, etc.

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