Why Your Breakfast Meetings Should be Catered

If you and your staff hold regular breakfast meetings, consider having them catered. A Chicago corporate caterer can bring in fresh, hot coffee and tea, warm muffins, croissants, and other continental items. If it’s an important meeting or you are going to have VIP personnel or clients, you can even have a hot breakfast catered to include eggs, French toast and bacon. Why should you go to this expense? Here are just a few reasons:

Show your employees you care: When it comes to employee retention, a catered meeting may not be a deciding factor. But when you show that you appreciate the fact that they came in early to hear what you have to say, they may be less likely to start looking for a new job by lunchtime.

They will retain more information: When you feed hungry stomachs, the brains connected to them will be able to concentrate and focus on what’s being said. They may even write some of that information down!

Impress your VIP audience: What better way to make a statement than to feed your VIP visitors with fresh, hot food. It could mean the difference between them saying yes to your proposal, and going to the competition.

Professional image: Project your professionalism with a fully catered meeting. This lets your audience know you’re serious about the topic and you want everyone to be energized and invigorated throughout the meeting.

A Chicago corporate caterer can customize a breakfast menu that will fit your needs. Whether you’re having 5 attendees, or 55; whether you want small continental options or a full course breakfast, a professional caterer will come to your office or event space. You take care of the meeting agenda; your caterer will take care of the food, and your attendees will appreciate the extra effort you put in. It’s a win-win for everyone. Visit Food For Thought for more information about corporate caterer.

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