Where to Stay Near Disney World

After much begging and pleading from your children, you finally have agreed to visit Disney World, but you need to find the right hotels near the popular theme park. You want to stay close enough to get into the park quickly, but you may also want to try other activities in the area while you are in town. There are perks to staying in each of the surrounding cities, no matter which one you choose.


Clermont is about 22 miles west of Orlando, which is where Disney World is located. Clermont is predominantly a residential city, but much of the tourism from Disney World extends to this area. Clermont is the home of 16 different vacation villas, allowing you to relax in a quiet neighborhood, until you are ready for the hustle and bustle of Disney World.


At about 30 minutes away from Disney World, Davenport is home to over 100 potential properties, which includes a few properties that welcome your pet as well. In Davenport, when you aren’t traveling to the infamous theme park, you can also visit Webbs Candy Factory for something sweet, or one of the many gold clubs, if you’re looking for a way to relax after a long day of festivities. Davenport is also the home of several spas, if you want to take a day with the ladies on your trip to pamper yourselves.


Kissimmee has a variety of activities to enjoy, along with a trip to Disney World. Located 22 miles outside of Orlando, Kissimmee is the home of multiple shooting ranges, wildlife tours, boat tours, and museums. Depending on the time of year you visit, you may even be able to check out one of the sporting events or concerts that are held in Osceola Heritage Park. With so many opportunities, you will be able to find something to do every day of the week, other than the days you spend riding the different attractions at Disney World.

Stay at a Disney World Resort

If you want to be closer to the action, try one of the Disney villa rentals, placing you within walking distance to all of the magic of Disney World. While staying around the area is still a beautiful place to visit, nothing can capture the full experience like staying right near the Magic Kingdom. Book your accommodations in advance, and count down the days until your Disney World vacation.

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