Terms to Know When Reading an Italian Food Menu Weston

There is no question that authentic Italian food has unique flavors that tantalize the taste buds. However, when a person is trying to read an Italian Food Menu Weston they may become confused or overwhelmed by some of the terms they see. The fact is, many words used on these menus are Italian or derived from Italian words, making what they mean a bit difficult to understand. Some of the terms to know when ordering on an Italian menu can be found here.


This is usually the first category found on an Italian menu. It is just an appetizer. There are specific things offered under this listing on an Italian menu and usually, no more than four different food items are included. Generally, some things a person can expect to see include a cheese plate, charcuterie platter or a combination of these two things. The other options will be dependent on the restaurant and what region of Italy that is being represented.


On an Italian Food Menu Weston, the primi is where the main course options will start. Most of the items listed in this section of the menu will include all types and shapes of pasta, but it may also include risotto or rice, dumplings, such as gnocchi or polenta. In most cases, the primi will make up the largest part of the menu, but this can vary from one restaurant to another.


This refers to the fish and meat dishes that could be the same as the main courses, but they are usually just protein and not substantial enough to equate to a meal alone. In most cases, dishes listed in this category are named for the animal and method of cooking, and in some cases, the cut of meat being served.

When it comes to ordering Italian food, knowing the terminology that will be used can be quite beneficial. The tips here are a great place to begin. For those who want to experience authentic Italian cuisine and see some of the terms here used, they should visit the Tarantella Ristorante & Pizzeria, an authentic Italian restaurant. You also can follow them on Twitter.

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