Selecting A Caterer For Your Event

We live in a digital world; it is common today for people to go to the internet to read reviews when they are planning a night out with family or to gather information on Chicago foodservice companies when they are planning an event. When choosing a venue, good food can outweigh perfect place settings or fancy linen.

Catering costs are right at the top when it comes to an event-planning budget. The amount of money dedicated to food and drink along with the cost of the venue often dictates how much is left for the rest. When choosing a caterer, the event that you are planning should be as important to the Chicago foodservice companies on your shortlist as it is to you.

Specifics count:

Caterers have various menu offerings and different pricing structures; this makes it hard to compare one with another. When planning your event, be very specific with the food and beverages you want as well as how you want the food to be served.

Experience counts:

Different catering companies often focus on specific types of events. A food service company that deals exclusively with “black-tie” events might not be the best choice for a more casual affair. Always talk to the caterers about your needs and the focus of your event. Ask for proposals from those companies that have demonstrated that they have catered the type of event you are planning.

More to it than just the food:

The food is the number one consideration, but do not forget that you are hiring them for their service as well. You exercise no control over who serves you in a restaurant, but you do control who serves your guests at your event. Ask about the wait staff’s years of service, the number of employees, and the number of supervisors controlling the service.

It is wise to identify at least three Chicago food service companies and ask them to suggest the best menu and the best way to serve your guests; price is not always the primary consideration, service should never be compromised. The best foodservice company will be just right, the best of all worlds.

If you are planning an event, you will want to identify the best Chicago foodservice companies to cater it. You are invited to contact Food For Thought at 19 East.

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