The Great Outdoors with a pinch of safety

caravan parkA Caravan park is a place where you can stay overnight or even longer along with the recreation vehicles in a pre allotted space. The space is called as pitch. They are also termed as campground. Caravan sites provide us with a few facilities like tent camping, drinking water connection, television and telephone connection, etc. Caravan park facilities may include swimming pool, showers, restrooms, gift shop etc.

In North America many campgrounds have facilities for Recreational Vehicles and are also known as RV parks. Similar facilities in the UK are known as Caravan Parks. Many travelers prefer these as an alternative to hotels or motels.

Each caravan park will have a different layout and sites of various sizes. It is a good thought of booking the site before hand as during the holidays all the best parks will almost be accommodated soon. While booking a park, make sure that you have an option of choosing your site so that you can opt for a site of your needs and tastes.

Most of the parks will have powered and un-powered sites. Un-powered sites quality tend to be poor. They are normally for the ones with camper-trailers and tents. In such cases it is better to opt for a better site by paying little more money, than going for an un powered one.

If you choose a caravan park site or if they allocate you a site which is beneath trees, always be clear of not having dead or unstable limbs, mainly in riverside parks which have lots of gum trees. Though the shade may seem wonderful, the branches may sometimes come crashing down, which will cause injuries and may spoil the fun of having such a holiday.

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