Resorts: A New Meaning to Fun

ResortsResorts are places that aim to provide all of the needs of people on a vacation in one place like food, drink, lodging, entertainment, sports, shopping, etc. They come in packages and the tourists are charged generally for all the services that are provided within the periphery of such resorts. In modern times, the resorts have gained exponential popularity because of their versatility.

Resorts are mostly set up in areas surrounding popular tourist destinations and sometimes they are so established near city boundaries so as to draw the crowd of that city on holidays and weekends. Resorts can be dated back to as old as 2000 years when city of Baiae in Italy was a resort. Some towns are also resorts whose occupations are mostly tourism related are called as resort towns. Today there are many popular resort towns which have even gained fame worldwide like Sharm el Sheikh in Egypt, Sochi in Russia, Blackpool in England, etc. The most popular resort in the world undoubtedly is Walt Disney World Resort. Even with the high costs they incur, the popularity of such resorts is on a rise.

Resorts are classified according to the services that they provide.
Seaside resorts
Ski resorts
Destination resorts
Spa resorts
Luxury resorts
Mega resorts
Historical resorts and more

As new technologies are developing, new creative resorts are coming in existence. For example, the first artificial beach was created in Japan on Kyushu Island, The Palm Islands in the Gulf, etc. These destinations immediately got the attention they deserve and have become very popular. Resorts are crowd pullers and they are popular with every strata of society but especially families. They give a sense of novelty, adventure and a lasting experience. They are generally elaborate in information and easily accessible and they definitely make you realize that life is worth having some fun.

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