Motels: Riders’ Second Home

MotelsAre you that rusty, dust covered rider on the storm? Have you just covered three hundred miles on your roaring bikes or cars feeling the breeze and shouting at the pitch of your voice? If the answer is ‘yes’, you are qualified for the price; a motel is the place where you can find that pitcher of beer or a place to dump yourself for a good night sleep.

Motels come from hotels for motors. They are generally found near freeways and highways. As the number of long distance car and bike travellers increased, the popularity of motels grew in number in the decade of 1960’s. Motels generally have a good garage for the vehicles. They are a place where you generally have adjoining rooms facing the garage. They are generally inexpensive and provide a reasonable service. They are generally constructed in an I- or L- or U- shapes and consist of receptionist and manager cabin. To mark their presence, they are highlighted by bright neon lights showing their names.

Motels have influenced cultures worldwide which include many movies and songs written about them. They generally have occupants and people who travel and do not mind a cheap living area. Hygiene and service are not the strongest assets of such places.

Also with the change in lifestyle and demand, the number of motels has reduced drastically and they have lost their original glimmer. But still they attract a cult of people because of the sense of adventure that they provide. They are less popular with women because of the safety concerns and the isolated areas they are in. Though they are infamous in many ways, motels are enjoying their happy twilight years.

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