Enjoy Some of the Best Ideas for Party Food Dishes and Trays

You need party platter ideas when you are planning a special event. If your event calls for foods that are easy to eat and do not tie people down, then party platters are your best bet. You can simply browse catering menus from restaurants that offer flawless catering services. Then you are assured tasty foods that will please your guests, your pocketbook, and you. There are different types of platters available that range from fresh fruit to sandwiches. Below is a comprehensive list of some popular food platters that are sure to please even the pickiest guests.

1. The Fruit Platter for Party

Fruits are a favorite platter choice. You can please more people when you offer fresh fruit as a healthy option for guests that may need to watch what they eat. Fruit is also a sweet crowd pleaser that is sure to tantalize taste buds when paired with delicious fruit dips. An assortment of fruits including fresh strawberries, white and red grapes, and apples are perfect for dipping.

2. The Sandwich Platter

Sandwiches are known to make very great platter ideas. They can be made from many bread varieties, meats, and cheeses. When placing an order, you can request certain sandwich types with ham, roast beef, pimento cheese, and turkey being popular deli favorites. Most sandwich platters can serve 10 – 12 people. When you have this information, you can easily place an order that fits your event and provides plenty of food.

3. Enjoy Fresh Chicken Salad Sandwiches on a Platter

Chicken salad is a good crowd pleaser. When you order this type of platter, you can request the chicken salad to be served on mini croissants. Be sure to check with the restaurant that is catering the event too, they may have a few chicken salad flavors in which to choose. You may want a variety of flavors or just one flavor, the choice is yours.

4. Keep it Simple with Meats and Cheeses

Sometimes a platter just needs to be kept simple and offer a variety of meats and cheeses. You can have deli meats such as beef, ham, and turkey with a variety of cheeses such as American and provolone. With ripe and juicy tomato slices to accommodate meats and cheeses you have a successful meat and cheese tray that is absolutely delicious.

5. A Cheese Ball Rounds Out an Event

People love to gather around a cheese ball, especially when it is made from pimento cheese and covered in crushed pecans and bacon. With a variety of crackers, this type of cheese ball becomes a fast favorite that completes a gathering. They can easily be ordered when placing a catering order for different platters, as well.

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